Consumer, Media and Retail

The Consumer, Retail and Media industries are facing unprecedented disruption. They therefore require search consultants who are vigilant to the shifts in the sand that can make or break both growing and established businesses.

The ability to spot candidates who are either leaders in their fields and/or trend spotters, or who have transferable skills that will revolutionise an organisation is often critical to success.

The world does not function in ordered silos and neither should your executive search. Accessing sector databases has a place in finding standard industry skills, but in order to find organisational leaders who are true innovators requires genuine executive search. This means engaging with search consultants who have worked across many sectors and who are lateral thinkers, able to engage with what is actually going on in the world, rather than what went before.

Our consultants have hired executives and functional heads for, amongst others, Sky, Sony, Timberland, PepsiCo and WPP.