Off Limits Policy

Cavendish Hawk works for a tightly defined number of organisations as their strategic business partner.

Because we limit the number of organisations we work for in any one sector we are able to maximise the pool of candidates available to our clients, as we can headhunt more effectively, without the conflicts of interest that are often encountered within the executive search industry.

Many clients have commented favourably on the success our ability to access the widest range of prospective candidates brings.

Accessing a search firm’s database has its place in finding standard industry skills, but clients seeking to engage with a wide cross section of transformational leaders, and/or innovators, require genuine executive search.

The consultants they engage should be lateral thinkers with experience of working across a range of sectors and therefore able to review a candidate’s transferable skills. They should also understand the inter-connectivity of sectors and understand what is actually going on in the wider world, rather than how any one sector operated ‘once upon a time…’.

By dispelling the myths surrounding the executive search process we are transparent about our ability to deliver successful outcomes.