Executive Coaching

Cavendish Hawk provides one to one executive coaching in order to facilitate or support high performance.

We are particularly proud of our reputation for coaching under-represented and minority groups in order to support their transition to the board or a partnership position. Our roster of coaches has coached leaders of all types but has a particularly strong reputation for their depth of understanding and empathy in coaching women, BAME and LGBTQ communities.

We have coached those from poorer socio-economic backgrounds with no sense of entitlement and, conversely, those from more privileged backgrounds who have been made aware that their sense of entitlement (and an associated lack of emotional intelligence) is holding back their career development.

We also assist executives tap into and develop the resilience necessary to sustain their performance and their well-being in an increasingly VUCA world (Volatile. Uncertain. Complex. Ambiguous).

To discuss your coaching requirements, please contact us via info@cavendishhawk.com